Active Living with Chronic Conditions – CDSMP by MAIL!

AZLWI is assisting with Stanford’s newest delivery method for CDSMP!

My Tool Kit for Active Living with Chronic Conditions takes the tools that are in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and packages them into a one-time mailing. Stanford has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop and evaluate the program.
The self-tailored Tool Kit contains:

  • The Living a Health Life with Chronic Conditions, 4th Edition book
  • The Relaxation for Mind and Body CD
  • An exercise CD with accompanying booklet
  • A self-test to help decide how to use the materials
  • Tips sheets on the most important self-management tools

For more information or to register for the Active Living with Chronic Conditions Tool Kit, call or email 1-800-366-2624, Also visit:

Stanford will recruit 250 people with chronic conditions for the study (with our help here in Arizona). Participants must be adults living in the United States, have at least one chronic physical and/or mental health condition, not pregnant, not in active treatment for cancer, and not have taken a previous Stanford self-management program. Participants will fill out a questionnaire before they receive their Tool Kit and another questionnaire six months later. Those who have type 2 diabetes will also get a home A1C blood test kit to complete at about the same time as the questionnaires. They will receive the results of the test by mail. There is no cost to the participant for participation in the study, and they keep the Tool Kit!

Help us recruit study participants! Please reach out to your networks across the state and encourage participation! Here are templates that you can use for sample email messages, flyers, public service announcement, web links, and brief description for newsletters announcements.

For more information or to register for the Active Living with Chronic Conditions Tool Kit, call or email 1-800-366-2624,  Also visit:



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