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Leader Trainings: How To & Materials

Leader Trainings: Steps to Success


This document describes the steps to take to implement a Lay Leader Training at your organization. For supplemental information, please refer to Implementation Guide for Conducting a Leaders Training.

The following materials are needed PRIOR to the start of your training:

  • Register Your Training Here
  • Order Leader Manuals Here
    • Organizations utilizing the Institute’s License MUST purchase through the Institute
    • ($20 per manual, minimum order of 12 manuals)
      • Requests for Leader Manuals must be made 3 weeks prior to the date.
      • The Manuals will either be delivered or mailed.
      • If the manuals must be mailed shipping charges will apply.
  • Collect Sign Up Information for Each Participant
  • Additional Forms:
    1. AzLWI Non-Disclosure Agreement The Non-Disclosure Agreement MUST be signed by ALL Leaders before they complete they are trained as a Leader/Master Trainer or facilitate a workshop.
    2. 2016 Healthy Living (CDSMP) Lay Leader Agreement We strongly encourage using this agreement when training new leaders.  This agreement will help Leaders understand more about Healthy Living and what they will be expected to do.  Please feel free to co-logo this document and make modifications that are appropriate to your organization.  However, please recognize the work from the AZ Living Well Institute.
    3. Multi-Media Release We strongly encourage having all Leaders and workshop participants sign a release, so that their pictures and testimonials may be shared.
    4. Lay Leader Training Policy Document – Master Trainers are responsible for training Lay Leaders. Master Trainers must meet specific qualifications as described in the Stanford training manual in order azlwi-ll-agreement_2016 azlwi-multimedia-release_2016 facilitator-non-disclosure-agreement_2016to be certified. Master Trainers must demonstrate an ability to model the activities scripted in the Leaders’ Manual as they are expected to train future lay leaders.
    5. Front Sleeve for Leader’s Manuals
    6. The Institute can also provide upon request at no charge:
      1. A Sample Training Agenda
      2. the Certificate of Completion of Training
  • Send back to the following information after the training to the Institute:
    • Names and information of those who completed the training or copy of the attendance sheet
      • We specifically need email addresses, phone numbers and counties.
    • Copies of Non-disclosure forms, lay leader agreements, multi-media release forms from each participant
    • Training evaluation forms from each participant

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