“Healthy Living Alumni” Online Community

Please help us publicize the “Healthy Living Alumni” online community and invite your CDSMP graduates to join after they complete their workshop.

Here is a template that you may print and use at the end of your workshops.  Alumni Sign-up Template  Any CDSMP program (e.g., Healthy Living, Better Choices Better Health, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc) graduate who is literate in English is welcome to join.  This online community was launched successfully over a month ago.  It is currently only in English.  Web site:  http://healthyliving.sfconnected.net 

With funding from Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), San Francisco Department of Aging & Adult Services has been working with NCOA (National Council on Aging) to develop and provide an online community for CDSMP graduates (those who completed either the online or community workshops).  The goal is to provide a free online support group for CDSMP graduates, so that they can continue to have access to the tools for self-management, practice what they learned in the workshop, participate in forums, get support from others and share resources to better manage their chronic health conditions.  To ensure that members in the community follow the community guidelines, there are trained Discussion Leaders who will act as hosts for the forums and flag posts which may be inappropriate to trained Monitors, who will review posts for safety concerns. As with any online community, the members keep an eye on each other and raise concerns, if needed.

How do CDSMP graduates join the Healthier Living Alumni community? Healthy Living (CDSMP) graduates can directly go to the web site to request to join by answering a few questions.  Web site:  http://healthyliving.sfconnected.net   To “get started” click the join now button at the bottom if this page. If you are already a member of the community click “sign in” to return to the site.


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