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Licensing Options

Any organization delivering a Stanford program must operate under a Stanford license. Any organization receiving training must purchase a license prior to training. These policies are defined for all Stanford self-management programs.

There are three options for ensuring your organization and leaders are working under a license:

  1. Partnering with AZ Living Well Institute
  2. Purchasing your own license with Stanford University
  3. Partnering with an already Licensed Agency

Methods to ensure Licensure:

1. Partnering with AZ Living Well Institute

Small organizations wishing to deliver less than five workshops may partner with the AZ Living Well Institute to

work under the Institute’s license. The Institute’s has 3 license packages for your choosing that best fits your

organizations needs. Each package is for one year.

¨ License Package 1: up to five (5) workshops at fee of $100

¨ License Package 2: up to ten (10) workshops at fee of $200

¨ License Package 3: up to fifteen (15) workshops at license fee of $300

Each license packages includes: Data entry, housing and reporting to Stanford and NOCA, technical assistance and resource source, and many other benefits. A complete list is found in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by both parties. For more information, contact

2. Stanford Licensure

Standford offers two types of licenses for their self-management programs. You may purchase a single-program license to offer one program (e.g. Healthy Living CDSMP) or a multiple-program license to offer any of the Stanford’s licensed program for a flat fee. More information is available on their webpage.

A) Single-Program Licensing Fees

  • $500.00 for offering 30 or fewer workshops and 2 Leader trainings
  • $1000 for offering 70 or fewer workshops and 3 Leader trainings
  • $1500 for offering 110 or fewer workshops and 5 leader trainings

B) Multiple-Program Licensing Fees

  • $1000.00 for offering up to 65 total (all programs combined) workshops and 4 Leaders trainings
  • $1500.00 for offering up to 100 total (all programs combined) workshops and 6 Leaders trainings

3) Partnering with an already Licensed Agency

A licensed agency or organization may recruit volunteers or staff members to facilitate workshops under their license. There is typically no additional licensing costs under this option. This must be discussed and agreed upon prior to attending training or facilitating a workshop.

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