Partners We Need You! Arizona Living Well Institute Work Groups

The Arizona Living Well Institute is requesting your assistance in tackling a few items identified in the October 2016 Partners Meeting. We recognize the experience and knowledge from our partners is invaluable and will serve to create effective solutions. The work groups listed below will be held via conference calls and email and will require no more than 2 hours a month of your time.

1.Data Collection

This work group will focus on redesigning the survey packets. We will identify the data that we want to collect and align it with the data that we are required to collect.

2. Rural CDSME

This work group will focus on recognizing issues related specifically to our rural populations and identifying solutions to those issues.

3. Marketing Materials

This work group will focus on creating and updating marketing materials to be used in promotion of Healthy Living workshops and trainings. The goal is to make all materials more culturally appropriate and useful in all communities.

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