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Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Institute: support the Partner in the provision of Healthy Living CDSME programs by:

  • Making available the Administrative/Implementation Manual developed by SMRC as a guide for delivery of the programs for download on the Institute’s website at
  • Providing information about when upcoming Master and/or Leader trainings in Arizona will be on the Institute’s Training Event Calendar at
  • Providing notification that Fidelity Checks are needed for a Healthy Living Leader.
  • Providing ongoing support to the Partner and newly trained leaders directly and through coordinator and mentor contracts; including but not limited to training, credentialing, registering, mentoring and coaching of Healthy Living Leaders; referring and connecting participants with workshops, registering and scheduling workshops, overall promotion, recruitment, and facilitation of CDSME programs, and collecting and reporting data for the Healthy Living Partner Consortium and Community Referral Network.
  • Providing electronic access for the Partner to print Workshop Survey Packets to evaluate outcomes via
  • Organizing regular Leadership Group Meetings.
  • Compiling and submitting annual data reports to SMRC, Arizona Department of Health Services, and the National Council on Aging in fulfillment of licensure and contractual requirements.
  • Providing regular and customized reports from the Community Referral Network and other sources as requested by the Partner.
  • Providing a list of Partners’ that have Healthy Living Leaders on the Community Referral Network if additional leaders are needed to conduct workshops.
  • Notifying the Partner of any changes in the Institute’s staff and corresponding contact information.
  • Providing membership, subscription, access, technical assistance and support for the Healthy Living Partner Consortium and Community Referral Network.
  • Storing and making available Workshop Survey Packets for the Partner for five years.
  • Monitoring and responding to the online Comment and Suggestion Form.

Responsibilities of the Partner: support the provision of Healthy Living CDSME programs by:

  • Paying applicable fees associated with membership in the Healthy Living Partner Consortium.
  • Paying applicable fees associated with the licensure package identified above if participating pursuant to the Institute’s license with SMRC.
  • Maintaining familiarity with SMRC Administrative/Implementation Manual made available by the Institute
  • Assigning staff to serve as a Partner Coordinator with functional administrative understanding and responsibility for the CDSME program. This person may also be a Healthy Living Leader or a Master Trainer. The Partner Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, selecting and supervising Healthy Living Leaders, arranging and scheduling workshops, assisting with Fidelity Checks, gathering and reporting data, participating in Community Referral Network and conducting program evaluation. This is also the person who leaders turn to in an emergency. The Institute should be kept informed about Partner coordinator contact information and any changes.
  • Providing the Institute information on the status and updating contact information of all Healthy Living Leaders and Master Trainers.
  • Assisting the Institute in ensuring that leaders and trainers meet the requirements to maintain their active status that includes the following:
  • Leaders must co-facilitate at least one (1) workshop per year.
  • Newly trained Healthy Living Leaders must have a fidelity check by a qualified person at first workshop after training and annually thereafter.
  • Master Trainers must maintain SMRC certification.
  • Participating in the Leadership Group.
  • Participating in the Healthy Living Partner Consortium and Regional Collaboratives, attending symposiums, seminars, meetings and conference calls.
  • Subscribing to the Community Referral Network and submitting data and information as required.
  • Notifying the Institute and completing the Leader Training Registration Form when a Master Trainer is scheduling a Healthy Living Leader training.
  • Marketing, recruiting, and registering participants for workshops.
  • Registering all workshops 4 to 6 weeks (but no more than 6 months) prior to the workshop start date, using the Workshop Registration Form in the Community Referral Network. If there are any changes after submission use the Registered Workshop Change Form.
  • Within 2 weeks of each workshop completion, returning the completed Workshop Survey Packet to Arizona Living Well Institute, Attn: Survey Coordinator, 2066 West Apache Trail, Suite 116 Apache Junction, AZ 85120. Survey Packets must include Participant Consent Forms, Pre-Surveys, Post Surveys and an Attendance Log.
  • Making workshops as “open to the public” as much as possible to receive increased participation through referrals in the Community Referral Network.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of students, health professionals, and other interested persons for Healthy Living Leader training programs throughout the state. Further, hosting/identifying/providing in kind space for workshops, network meetings and trainings.
  • Recognizing partnership with the Institute and membership in the Healthy Living Partner Consortium, submitting data and other CDSME information to the Institute.

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