What is a Mentor?

We are very fortunate in Arizona to have two Lead Mentors and many emerging regional coordinators.  We would not be where we are today, making the progress to bring evidence-based health promotion programs to those in need throughout Arizona, without these amazing individuals!  Think about the meaning of a mentor and about these qualities found in an effective mentor, especially as we welcome and interact with new partners!

Mentor [men-tawr] – a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

Whether you are looking for a mentor, or looking to become a mentor, consider these key traits:

Experience is still the best teacher. A mentor must be able to draw upon their own life experiences to provide value to their protege.
Character really does count and integrity really does matter. If a mentor’s character is in question, so is their advice.
Rapport. In order to learn from someone, or teach someone, a personal connection must be made. Mentoring is pointless without rapport.
Composure. The ability to handle pressure or stress without “freaking out” helps mentors provide an environment that encourages growth and success.
Intuition. Instinctively knowing what to do without going through a rational process is often referred to as a “gut feeling” based on experience and values.

Thank you for a wonderful first full year of Healthy Living (CDSMP) workshops and incredible partnership development!

Reference: CommunityConnect July/August 2011


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