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Workshop Survey Packets & Additional Handouts

Workshop Survey Packets

  • Healthy Living CDSME Survey Packets (Updated January 2018)
    • Please click on the link above for a downloadable PDF of the English Survey Packet
    • This is for all English CDSME Programs
      • Healthy Living (CDSMP)
      • Healthy Living with Diabetes (DSMP)
      • Healthy Living with Chronic Pain (CPSMP)
    • This is a great document resource for all the facilitators to help manage participant paperwork as well as sign-ins each week. Healthy Living Workshop Participant Tracking Form now also included in the survey packet


Workshop Additional Handouts

The following handouts may be useful for you to use while facilitating CDSME workshops.

  1. Workshop Completion Certificates
    1. Healthy Living (CDSMP) Workshop Certificate
    2. Cancer Workshop Certificate
    3. Healthy Living with Chronic Pain (CPSMP) Workshop Certificate
    4. Healthy Living with Diabetes (DSMP) Workshop Certificate
    5. TCS Workshop Certificate
  2. Emergency/Crisis Situations Policies and Procedures & Incident Report
    1. Some emergencies or other incidents happen while facilitating a workshop. Use the forms to assess the situation and report an incident if needed. Please send forms to
  3. Medical Information Sheet
    1. Workshop participants can use this one page worksheet to organize their contact and medical information. This is great to be held in a wallet or purse at all times!
  4. Letter to Health Care Provider
    1. A template to help workshop participants write a letter to their health care provider about their experiences while a  taking CDSME workshop.

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