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Workshops: How To

Workshops: Steps to Success


  1.  Determine Scheduling:
    1. 2 Facilitators
    2. Location, Dates and Times of the Workshop
    3. Refer to the Implementation Manual, Page 23 for more information on scheduling
  2. Gather 10-18 participants for urban communities. 8 participants is the minimium number of participants needed in rural communities.
  3. Register Your Workshop 
  4. Download a Workshop Survey Packet which includes all the paper forms needed.
  5. Order Textbooks and CDs for each participant
    1. Note: CDs are not required for each participant, only suggested
  6. Other Materials Needed:
    1. Charts for Corresponding CDSME program
    2. CD Player
    3. Markers
    4. Blank Chart Pads or White board
    5. Easels (if needed)
    6. Blank Paper for Notes
    7. Name Tags
    8. Box of Tissues
    9. Additional Handouts
  7. Implement your workshop!
    1. Class should be set up in a U shape
  8. Print Certificates for Workshop Completers

8. Please mail COMPLETE Survey Packet documents within 2 weeks of workshop close to:

Attn: Survey Coordinator

Arizona Living Well Institute

2066 West Apache Trail

Suite 116 Apache Junction, AZ 85120


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


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